About 2 L's & A Dream

Our Goal and Commitment is to help create a better YOU,

One T-Shirt at a Time!

     We are comitted to assisting with the identification and social interaction off all like minded people who deal with Mental Health in any way, shape, or form. Our hope is increasing awareness throughout the world by placing emphasis on those who are underpriveledged, uneducated, or simply do not know or have the right access to information about Mental Health in all communities one T-Shirt at a time.

     Breaking the Stigma is the key and we simply want to generate interest and start the conversations that most will not have on their own. In other words WE will be your voice, ensuring your are indentified and not labled as society often does. We will remind you that you are not alone because:


Always remember these very important steps

1. Your are never alone in the world of Mental Health.

2. Identification is very important as early on as possible.

3. Acceptance comes next but doesn't mean you Settle

4. Support is important so you never feel alone.

5. Proper Treatment (not our mission) but helping you figure out what is IS OUR goal.

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